New (Y)Work 2021-

Taylor explains his process, for this current body of explorative abstract works, as the creating of seperate ‘paint events’ on the surface, assembled and connected by way of Bricolage– a cohesive placement of apparently disparate elements. 

Colour is the primary subject; the ways in which it interacts becomes the basis of the artworks form. 
Responding to the properties of his unorthodox painting surfaces, Taylor employs spontaneous and varied markmaking to capture the intriguing interplay that arises between his mediums and the picture plane. 

Painted areas arrive as problems to be solved, eventually finding their place within the whole, Taylor using equal measures of action and intention to construct the image.

Obscuring shapes and forms to be deliberately undefined and suggestive as both object and environment, individual moments are amplified for their own sake; the work referencing the means of its own creation. 

It appears as though ethereal chromatic forms are shifting in the current moment- emenating from and dissolving into some other dimensional landscape.

Studio, The Bronx 2021