” Taylor’s work weaves the hard-edged, fast paced pulse of modern life with a Taoist reflection on the rhythms of nature.”

My paintings convey a range of inspiration and influence, with different aspects of these showing up at various levels of involvement in each piece. I  contemplate the artist’s voice and identity – where it comes from, how it is formed and how it changes throughout the creative journey – and the relevance of this in the art practice. This leads me to pursue distinct bodies of work that offer their own set of questions and obstacles. Immersing myself in these separate explorations compound in a greater overall knowledge of painting, the sum made stronger through the parts.

I think of my compositions as a type of sensory memory; rather than an attempt to replicate my inspirations, I seek to capture their vital essence, responding to their energies and imprints in an indefinite and active exchange.

I paint straight to the surface without drafts or sketches, using oils and pigment sticks primarily, mixed with cold wax and other impasto mediums, then manipulated with rubber trowels, spatulas, butcher knives, and various repurposed hand tools. I carefully consider the surface I use for a given work, often chosen from a variety of unorthodox materials, based on how it’s qualities will contribute to the outcome.

Initially informed by early Canadian landscape painting, the AbEx movement, architecture and topography, my later work reflects the influence of traditional Chinese landscape and ink painting.

Currently my imagery involves elements of Japanese aesthetics, ranging from traditional concepts such as Wabi-Sabi, classic themes from Edo era woodblock prints, to the modern stylings of Anime.


TransArt Tokyo festival 2015