Years ago, on a trip to Berlin, I came across numerous ateliers-gallery studios where the artist works every day ,and shows their creations on site, opening the doors to people passing by. It seemed like the dream, your own studio, in your own gallery, showing what you had just worked on. In the past weeks I've moved my studio into Catalog gallery,creating my own temporary atelier, with the idea that this could be any space, in any city. I've put up new material and have painted it here on location. This is a chance to work from a fresh perspective, arriving at a neutral space every day, picking up the tools on hand and seeing what comes. In a perfect world, this is what you can do as an artist, set up shop and show and create anywhere, inspired by the environment around you. This is what the creative process is really all about; trying something new and witnessing what changes, what you throw away and what sticks. In some ways its just like showing up for work every day, in some ways its like living the dream.

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